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Books You Shouldn’t Read!
Banned Books And Rare Technology

 Books You Shouldnt Read!

Wish to hear an easy principle? Bringing in magnets create energy. Rejecting magnets create energy. Just how can that be? Can there be not really a ‘law of conservation of one’s'? It appears just like a contradiction in science, nevertheless its not! – knowing “Hamel’s Laws and regulations” of physics.

David points to the bottom of the pyramids: “The bad and the good have 4 forces, listed here are the two hidden forces. This is actually the unseen energy. They are all here, within the pyramids.”.

 Books You Shouldnt Read!

 Books You Shouldnt Read!

 Books You Shouldnt Read!
 Books You Shouldnt Read!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do Tarot cards have to do with magnets?
  • What do peanuts and peanut butter have to do with scalars and the ionosphere?
  • Why does the north star point to the magnetic?
  • Do you know the 2 hidden powers of the magnetic?
  • It goes on and on. David explains these answers and more:
  • David can explain it to you better that we can even attempt to!

Here’s a hint: "Its elementary!". David Hamel can predict what will happen when the poles of the Earth shift in 2021!
 Books You Shouldnt Read!
 Books You Shouldnt Read!

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