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  • David Hamel

    This Incredible True Life story chronicles the life of David Hamel, a simple man who was chosen for a heroic task. He was given advanced information from extraterrestrial from the planet Kladen, enabling him to build a Free Energy machine and a space craft. Here he reveals the actual plans given to him, and most importantly... how the entire plans for a space craft have been depicted on the wall of the pyramids!!! David discusses “The New Physics” and the frustration and enormous obstacles that he faces from nonbelievers to Government officials.

    bw ship draw1  Home UFO Contactees
    -Alien Contactee Amazing David Hamel Blueprint to the Universe: Then he translates the Egyptian symbology into full scale blueprints using the physics given to him b...Read More

    Picture%2073  Home Hamel My Life's Work
    On a scheduled visit during a cold snowy Saturday, about 20 of his friends from Canada and the USA went to visit him. Many of them had only heard of him a decade earlier, thru the internet. They wondered if there really existed a David Hamel? ...Read More

    David Hamel is 'The Granite Guy!'
    David Hamel, Inventor, Inspirationalist, humanitarian, and - UFO Contactee. There exists a Rare Presentation By Pierre Sinclaire, an engineer, a man who literally wrote the book on David Hamel. "David Hamel, who escaped from a prisoner-of-war c...Read More

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    My First Contactee Contact Paul, The Kirlian Photographer: My First Encounter with David Hamel (the Granite Man) I exhibit kirli...Read More

    drawing 2 Home Alien Physics
    David Hamel Physics Session All of David's information given to him from Extra-Terrestrials is carefully compiled and analyzed. ...Read More

    The Granite Guy Rare Slide Show Presentation
    A rare collection of David Hamel's private photos and diagrams, put in a slide show, as presented by Pierre Sinclaire. Scientific investigator Pierre Sinclaire comes from Fort Langley, Bc, Canada, and it has devoted years to advanced research into...Read More

    DH0158ham  Home How Atlantis Failed
    Listen, Before It Is Too Late - Remember Atlantis! On this video we walk through the tons of equipment David Hamel's has in his shop, David shows us how the pinion must be made of granite, and that it must be a certain minimum size for it t...Read More

    Hamel Revisited!!!
    "There are 'Many New Concepts' and 'Many New Ideas', not yet discovered by the average man. Let me let you know some - The time is right for all of us to pay attention!!!" David Hamel attempts to explain these concepts AGAIN, to his fans. We revisi...Read More

    Hamel My Existence's Work
    On a scheduled visit during a cold snowy Saturday, about 20 of his friends from Canada and the USA went to visit him. Many of them had only heard of him a decade earlier, thru the internet. They wondered if there really existed a David Hamel? The ...Read More

    videographer  Home UFO Work Shop
    Welcome to David Hamel's UFO Shop Hamel's Workshop "The Saucer Took Off Right Through... My Roof!" There is no other Workshop like it in the world, at least this world. You are about to see Physic...Read More

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    David Hamel UFO Prototypes The Prototypes of David Hamel Some of David's earlier prototypes: The neighbors thought he was nuts!... But when it started to vibrate, it took off straight up and was never to be seen again.

    David Hamel UFO Contactee Government Officials

    DH0308dave 1 110x110 Home
    The Aliens Survive Planet Kladen "The Aliens Are From Planet Kladen!" Ask David Hamel, contactee, where the aliens he is in contact with come from: "They are from planet Kalden". Planet Kladen is located on the other side of the sun. This is not the reason why we don't see it.

    Ask David Hamel BANNED David Hamel UFO Contactee Planet Kladen UFO

    The Granite Man Rare Slide Show Presentation Pierre Sinclaires Private Slides Of David Hamel Pierre Sinclaire literally wrote the book on David Hamel. Probably nobody knows David better that Pierre. Here, Pierre shows us his vast collection of David Hamel photographs and video.

    British Columbia David Hamel UFO Contactee Pierre Sinclaire Strange Physics

    FrontCover1 110x110 Home
    Rare Autographed David Hamel Book Book: Autobiography of an Enigma By Bessie McKenzie (Authorized Biography) RARE AUTOGRAPHED COPY A rare and unique book! This book was written by Bessie McKenzi, who is Nora Hamel's Mother.

    AUTOGRAPHED David Hamel Nora Hamel SIGNED

    DH0036spinner  110x110 Home
    Invisible Sketches! Drawings of The Invisible! David Hamel, Aug 1997, while explaining the Hamel Spinner.

    David Duality David Hamel UFO Contactee David Reveals Flying Saucer

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    Transformation Of Matter The Mutation of Matter The mutation of matter is the way the energy makes matter. David shows us a complex diagram of the mutation of matter, like Free Energy. He overlays the drawing of his ship over a with a photo of stone hinge. The instruments fit exactly.

    ET Free Energy Ha Ha UFO

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    Ancient Pyramids Ancient UFO Items around the Pyramids Hamel shows UFO Items around the Pyramids! David will speak with anybody about anything and that he always appears to achieve the correct response to fit any model that you'll require a reason for.

    Granite Pinion Planet Kladen Stone Hinge

    DH0137hamel  110x110 Home
    David Hamel In His Shop Building A UFO! "The Saucer Took Off RightThrough My Roof!" David Hamel, Aug 1997, while explaining about Antigravity.

    David Hamel UFO Contactee Ships Generator Space Ship